Sunday, July 13, 2008

They Did It With a Wiffle Ball Bat. Soooooo?

All kinds of doody is hitting the fan in Greenwich, and what are we doing here in Stamford? Participating in ground-breaking studies on what makes good policemen? Having block parties to raise money for our firehouse? Throwing big concerts? Sheesh. That wholesome, productive stuff is not going to get the New York Times to come and join the gossip fray.

In a way, I feel bad that we’re not grabbing the spotlight because some teens cleared a town lot valued at 1.25 million dollars and built a Wiffle ball field that’s pissing off the neighbors. In a way, I feel left out because I don’t give a hootchie-koo about drunken non-residents riding the Island Beach ferry that my taxes pay for. I want to be angry about something like the Greenwich residents I'm reading about.

I miss blogging about drama, like Napa and Co. and school board inanity. All I can write about recently are sensible topics like farmers markets and nights out with friends. Hoooo-hum, Stamford! Where’s the next big drama? (Noooooo nothing more with the school board thanks! Nothing with the fire departments- I cannot follow that complicated story. OH! And I can't link you to it, because the Advocate refuses to show articles over 2 weeks old, and it's not coming up on a search on the Times site, and I need to go to bed, so I am not going to keep searching. Rrrrrr.)

I’m mostly kidding about wanting an over the top story in Stamford. When I feel myself craving some drama, I think to myself, that takes energy. It takes energy to form opinions, and I don’t feel like getting all riled up over an issue that’s not crucial. I’m glad I don’t have to weigh in on Wiffle ball and ferry rides. Those are Greenwich’s issues right now. I don't want my city to be involved in dysfunctional situations... even if those situations do make for good blogging.

Maybe our next big story is our part in the state of CT lawsuit against the FAA over the proposed dramatic increase in air traffic due to changed airplane routes into NYC. I only know what I’ve read in the paper, but it sounds like it’s going to affect a lot of us. Greenwich, Stamford and Norwalk also filed a lawsuit together. Maybe- maybe this will be just the thing that bring our 3 oh-so different towns together... nah, doubt it.


Manager Mom said...

I would be happy to have a fistfight with you if it would give you some blog material... you'd probably kick my ass, though.

JT said...

ST, you changed my mind on this wiffle ball thing. The "kids" who built are like 17-19 right? Those aren't kids. Why are they hanging around playing whiffle ball all day? Don't you usually get a summer job at that age? It's cute if a 12 year old fishes some old wood out of a dumpster to build something. It's kind of sad when a 19 year old does.

Anonymous said...

it made the cover of the NYTimes and Afghanistan ;)

gotta love Bababooey...whatta great dad! :)