Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photos of New Trump Parc Safety Measures

Here are the photos I promised yesterday. You can see the orange netting and "kickboards" to prevent further accidents at the Trump Parc construction site. Actually, when I looked back at my older photos of TP (I've been stalking the building for a while), I see that there were already kickboards on the lower levels and orange netting on all floors except the top 6-10, where they relied on a black net placed outside the building.

Mayor Malloy said the upper floors were cluttered and unsafe, so I'm guessing that black netting is what failed. You can read more about Trump Parc's drama and destruction in my "Construction/Development" category.

Current Trump Parc netting as of 7/26:

Former Trump Parc netting, 5/23, below, just after the first incident- a ten pound piece of metal fell 25 stories and through a truck's cab: "The fallen object appeared to be a piece of bracing used when construction crews pour concrete... Similar objects were found caught in the construction site's safety net, [police spokesman] Cooney said, but one must have fallen through or missed the net. 'It's par for the course for the smaller pieces of debris,' Cooney said. 'Little pieces come off, but nothing that would cause any damage. This is the first incident of this degree that I'm aware of.'" (from Advocate) Oh, but not the last!

Because of my hard drive crash, I lost photos from June and July, but on my flickr site, there's a pic of TP from June and you can see that it looks pretty much the same.

Here are two pics of current TP netting/kickboards:

And here is a close up shot of the shattered glass panel at UConn, which was the third debris damage incident. It only shattered the darker, outer panel, which is why it's a lighter color than the windows beside it. The darker panel had a 5 foot hole smashed into it when a 2-inch piece of metal sailed across the street from God knows how high up. That is one tall-ass building.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they also investigate any and all "individuals" that may have messed up with regard to the falling debris? just curious as to how this investigation process works.

So long as there are no more incidentals, I'm back on board with Trump...call me immature, but I can see it from my balcony and I think it looks cool!

Mr. Z said...

FYI, Cablevision is now running an editorial on News 12 about the Trump problems.

Video is available at http://www.cablevisioneditorials.com/

The text is also available.

Ali said...

Looks like these new safety measures didn't prevent accident #4 from happening. http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/ci_10079182

Looks like these measures aren't cutting it. And, with the high winds and storms rolling through the area, why didn't they stop work - if for nothing else for the safety of their workers, not to mention AGAIN the safety of the public below?