Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Week: Music in Stamford and SoNo Arts Fest

Today, Wed: Fairfield County Happy Hour Club meets at Hula Hanks in Stamford. I love the guys that run this and I always meet nice people when I go (don't the people in this pic look nice?). I'm gonna stop by. I am dying to see what name tag I get; they always have funny ones. Also, there is music in Columbus Park tonight; I'm going to stop by that, too.
Ohhhh is that why Hula Hanks is doing 50's/Bike Night? Because the music in the park is 50's music? Nowwww I get it.

Tomorrow: I'm going to be at my 2nd FC Blogger Happy Hour at Monster B's, but Alive @ Five presents music (singer Billy Vera) in Columbus Park. Next week is the last one (Boys II Men!) so you should probably try to go to tomorrow's and next week's.

This weekend: SoNo Arts Celebration. Not only are the streets full of arts and crafts, there are two music stages. Mystic Bowie (he's my facebook friend!) is one of the opening acts on Friday at 8:30, and my real life friend Damon Grant plays at noon on Sunday. There is music throughout the whole event; see the website for a schedule of specific artists.

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Always Home and Uncool said...

Hell, even I'm cooler than Billy Vera and the Beatoffs. On to Monster B's bloggers!

Anonymous said...

I love this festival each and every year...I saw a painting there last year that I've been kicking myself in the ass ever since that I didn't buy...hopefully I'll see it there again this year, because it's meant to be!!!

Sean said...

I'll be in SoNo tonight!