Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystic Bowie spotted at Monster B's?

I totally should have said hi to the guy with dreads at Monster B's. He was sitting on the patio when I was there randomly this Tuesday. I thought it was Mystic Bowie, but I wasn't sure; this guy looked younger than I expected. Also, I didn't want to look like a groupie, because I've never seen him play. If I said, "Are you Mystic Bowie?" all I'd be able to follow it up with would be, "I've seen your picture in the paper." Bo-ring!
Ugh. I should've said hi. I was tired, and not in the mood to try to be interesting, but now I regret it. Dammit. I also wasn't dressed that cutely, so... anyway, Mystic Bowie plays at Fairfield Theatre tonight.
***** Oh my god, that probably was Mystic Bowie! I just looked at his tour dates, and he's got several at Monster B's, including one on Sept 21: "Reggae Sunday Afternoon on the Deck." That sounds amazing.

Let's hope for great weather, but the indoor space at Monster B's is huge, so no worries. This event is SO already on my calendar and nothing is stopping me from going to it.

Monster B's
489 Glenbrook Rd
Stamford, CT

So, Mystic Bowie is from Jamaica. His website has an impressive bio, and you can hear samples of his music on his myspace page. I like "Sixteen Dimples."

Here's a description about the Fairfield Theatre show tonight: Mystic Bowie performs with a band of New Orleans natives. The result is music with a diverse mix of ethnic, geographic and musical roots, combining funk, jazz and rock with rich Caribbean traditions to create music with a hard-rocking, deeply funky reggae sound. Additionally since 1992, Mystic has delighted audiences around the world as the lead vocalist for the Tom Tom Club, a musical collaboration featuring Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads.

Monster B's is a nice bar. Excellent sound system, two pool tables, darts, extensive outdoor seating, good food. Check it out if you haven't been yet. They also have live music Thurs-Sun! They are making one of my dreams a reality: live music in Stamford!


Anonymous said...

I finally checked out Monster B's last weekend, and I really liked was a lunch, so it was very quiet and there wasn't any music, but I thought the food was pretty good, and it's possible for me to walk there, which is a plus

Stamford Downtown Staff said...

You know I am a "downtown" girl, but you have me so curious about Monster that I MUST go! I'll let you know it stacks up. Or, I might need to drag you with me.....he, he -- lol

Manager Mom said...

I am very jealous of your life... I wish I could be at Monster B's on a random Tuesday!