Sunday, July 27, 2008

My 1/2 Female Trivia Team Came in 5th, If You Care

My husband, sweetie that he is, tells me no one gives a crap about trivia, but I want to tell you how my effort to get an all-girl team together went last week.

It went BAD.

Turns out women don't suck at trivia, they just cannot manage to get themselves out to a bar on a Tuesday. I'm not criticizing that; if I didn't do this blog and didn't have a good motivation to explore Stamford to see what's going on, I'd be much more likely to stay in my cozy home. Also, if I had a kid under age 5, which a lot of my friends and fellow bloggers do, maybe I'd need the evening to catch up on my computer/blogging/TV/me time.

Although very few women made it out, the two that did kicked some serious trivia butt. Our team of 3 men and 3 women came in 5th out of 23 teams. The three guys who usually win (the three librarians, aka Three Stooges) eked out a victory over my guy friends, who tied for second. My team finished 3 points behind a team called Beat the Bloggers. That hurts my pride only a little bit, because
1. my team did so well overall- only 7 points behind top winner, and just 4 behind my guy friends, who even had their secret weapon this week.
2. they didn't really beat the bloggers.
There was another blogger on my team, but he doesn't blog very often, so I'm using that criteria as an excuse to say they did not really beat bloggers in the plural sense, and to encourage my friend to blog more if he expects to be called a blogger. (Sorry, buddy. That sounds meaner than I mean it to. Still on for lunch tomorrow?)

Three Stooges- 73
My guy friends- 70
Some other team that had a girl on it- 70
Beat the Bloggers- 69
My team- 66

By the way, who else has heard of the Kalahari desert in Africa? I hadn't. Oh well.


Whitemist said...

one day when I am able I will come and check this out - I have to see this.

sheik said...

Today we threw the first annual ICS day at UC Irvine. For the event I helped prepare a bunch of computer science trivia questions for a family feud style game. Since it is kind of an interesting list I am going to make it available to everyone here incase someone else is looking for a huge list of CS trivia questions.

Trivia Game Challenge