Monday, July 21, 2008

Ladies: Let's Kick Some Butt at Trivia This Week

Open invite! Everyone is invited to come play trivia at Tigin tomorrow, but my team is going to be all women, so guys will form their own teams. In the comments of last week’s trivia post, Blog Stamford bravely said: Girls aren't very good at trivia. Even on the rounds where they should be cleaning up, like the celebrity picture round, they struggle. Guys retain useless info, women remember birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I just don't agree with that, so I am putting together a girls’ team for tomorrow night.

Do I think we can win the whole shebang? Probably not.
Do I think we can beat Blog Stamford's team? Yes.

If there is a smidgen of truth in BS's idea that women aren't good at trivia, it's not the useless info itself, but the subjects of the info. It's on topics that guys care about, like baseball and boxing.

Baseball: I grew up in Va., so the Baltimore Orioles were the closest team; no one cared about them. We followed the Redskins and got to watch a spectacular Super Bowl with Doug Williams.
Boxing: I know about the Rumble in the Jungle, and the Thrilla in Manila, but I don't know who the boxers were, except maybe Muhummad Ali (OK, I just went and read about them on Wikipedia).

So, "trivia" usually means "questions that lean toward guy stuff," like that stupid pirate round from last spring! Bluebeard, Blackbeard, whatever. And movies. Women don't really sit around watching movies with friends. When we do, it's not the movies that trivia asks about.

I do think women do have an equal shot at the history and geography stuff, and I am determined to have a good showing on Tuesday. I've already got two people on board. Oh wait- three! I believe Mrs. Z. is on board. And she knows about baseball.

Now, if you are a loyal Stamford Talk male reader, don't join Blog Stamford's team. No offense to Blog Stamford, but some extremely smart men read this blog, and I don't want you to tip the balance to his team. You should be on your own team, with my friends who played last week, plus Mr. Z., and you will probably beat everyone. So start rounding up your men, men, and ladies, email me if you want to play.

When someone says something about girls, I always fight back (unless it’s true).

Scene from high school:
Jason (classmate who later plays volleyball for Hawaii and in a pro league in Europe): I can beat any girl at any sport.
Me: You can’t beat me at tennis.
J: Yes I can.
Me: Jason, you don’t even play, and I’m pretty good.
J: It doesn’t matter. I can beat you with my pure athletic ability.

So we played, and I beat him, with no huge effort. He insisted on a rematch- I do love his spirit- and I beat him again. Man, high school was fun. I also remember a boys vs. girls food war during cross-country practice.


Patty said...

While trivia is not one of my stronger talents, I am immodest enough to tell you that I would be city champion in Name That Tune. said...

i don't know how good i am because my mental muscles are weaker than they used to be (too much Elmo and Baby Einstein) but I'm going to try to make it.

Terry said...

jeez, do you ever cook???

JT said...

I can't make it tomorrow!

Manager Mom said...

OK - I am Cliff Claven. "Useless Knowledge" is my middle name. But do they have to have trivia in the middle of the week? some of us gotta give our younguns baths and stuff.

JR said...

Damn it, JT! Actually tonight isn't the best night for me, so it's OK.