Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meet the Catalyst for Stamford Talk!

Something pretty spectacular happened in the Stamford Talk household last night: the person responsible for my starting this blog came over. It might not sound like a big deal to you, but I've only seen the guy- we'll call him N- one other time, and that was last August at happy hour with my husband and his co-workers. N mentioned he was playing in a cricket tournament in Stamford that weekend. I enthusiastically promised to go and daydreamed about it all week. I was so excited to see a new sport in person and get the scoop on an unknown scene in the city.

When the day of the match came, I learned that my husband had not found out the location or time. I frantically googled "Stamford CT cricket" and found nothing, leading me to say, "In a city of 120,000 people, there is a cricket tournament and no info online. That's pathetic. I am starting a website about Stamford so I can find the cool stuff and share it with other people." I've blogged almost every day since then. You can go back and read my August 2007 entries to see what this blog was like a year ago, or read my original post about the cricket debacle.

Yesterday afternoon my husband called to say his co-workers were coming over to play poker. This was just after I posted on Twitter "letting house get really messy before I clean it." I rushed home and had some fun with my Dyson vacuum. A few poker guys arrived, and one of them mentioned that N was coming. I perked up: super-cool N, the catalyst for my blog, was coming to my house? N is the original, and probably only, Stamford Talk celeb. He's got a great accent, an incredible new car, and dresses well. You know Carlos from Desperate Housewives? N looks like an Indian version of him. To me, N is the most glamorous person in Stamford. And, he's smart, fun and laughs a lot. (Sorry ladies, he's taken.)

N walked in.
"Hi N!" I beamed from the couch.
"You remember me!"
"Remember you? I talk about you all the time! You're the reason I started my website about Stamford."

It was a beautiful reunion. So, the guys are playing at Scalzi today- I am SO gonna stop by after work! They are also having a tournament soon that N says will be more fun to watch. I got his email, so I am now totally hooked into the Stamford cricket scene! Yes!

Speaking of Stamford Talk celebrities, tomorrow, I'll tell you about the Shi'a LeBouef look-alike I saw at the train station.


Irenesbooks said...

What, no photo of the gorgeous "N"?


Anonymous said...

I think I know N...doesn't he live in Greenwich?

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

thanks N! we owe you big time.

Stamford Talk said...

Hmm he might live in Greenwich; I don't know, I don't mind a little mystery.

Patty said...

I'm with Irene!

JR said...

I've seen some Indian...um...Pakistani...OK, South Asian guys playing crickent in the park, so please let us know if there's another tournament in town!

Stamford Talk said...

I definitely will! I expect the tourney to be in mid-August since that's when it was last year, but I'll email N.
They are playing tonight at Scalzi, I'd assume after 6pm.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Thank you N for bringing us ST. Bravo!

Whitemist said...

of course StamfordTalk, you are to blame for many of us starting OUR Blogs. So All the people I get in trouble on my site can blame 'N'!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh N is to blame for all this enlightenment!

ST, does N view here or post here at all? He should; he's a hero inasmuch as home-town Stamford goes these days...please thank him for me and get his cricket ass over here :)

p.s. When and Where is his next Cricket game? ;)