Friday, May 22, 2009

Mexican Food In, Pier 1 Out!

People who are out and about tell me that Mary Ann's Mexican is open on Summer St. (with sangria and margaritas!) and that Pier 1, on Summer by Ridgeway Shopping Center, is CLOSING. Maybe you can get a good deal on some wicker furniture.

It just occurred to me that it's odd to have a Mexican restaurant right by a Spanish restaurant- sure the food's price point is (I'd assume) different- Barcelona is pretty pricy- but both places sell sangria... and that's the important part, let's be honest.

But finally, we have Mexican food downtown! Of course, there's always Ole Mole up on High Ridge. I got lunch there today and it was pretty tasty.


Unknown said...

I heard some wait staff say they were going to open on Monday. It is possible according to the HD.

Coach Shirley said...

I am not familiar with this restaurant. Is it a chain? Has anyone been there before? My husband and I love Mexican and I am just thrilled to learn there will be one in downtown! I hope it is a children-friendly restaurant.

Streets of Stamford said...

Their menu is making me hungry!

Rahul Prabhu said...

I had been there for lunch today and its aweful. I had two mexican friends with me and they said that the food is no where close to being authentic.

I had the thier chicken enchilladas. The chicken wasnt cooked well, the tortillas didnt seems fresh at all and the chicken had no flavoring. A bit dissappointment.

Would not recommend to anyone.

Unknown said...

That water is Nasty, The food is not good. I will not be back,they must make there money in drinks.

dangerplan said...

Totally agree with everyone else here saying that it sucked. The food was soggy! SOGGY. Just wrong. And no one know what was going on when I walked in. Awful.