Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baseball Beats Karaoke at Bobby V's

SCOOP: Bobby V’s won’t turn off the Yankees-Red Sox game so karaoke can start on time. It is a sports bar, after all.
MY TAKE: I don’t mind that karaoke started late. I got to people-watch, or rather, men-watch. The bar was packed but orderly: a horseshoe of men, all looking up at the screen, sitting at the central bar run by the two pro bartenders. Again, the tolerance of the crowd at Bobby V’s surprises me. Everyone is so chill. There were two men wearing Yankees jerseys, acting totally insane. I can’t say they were cheering, because it was more like out-of-control bellowing. They were screaming at the TV for all of innings 7-9: “OOOOOOHHHHHH NO!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! F____ YEAH!!!!!!!! GO YANKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!”
At first I thought the whole bar was yelling, but no. It was just these two men, making the noise of fifteen people. I kept thinking they were going to be ejected because they were so annoying, but the men at the bar just glanced at them occasionally with bemusement. I think in a way, people appreciated their enthusiasm. When they cheered at the proper times, it felt like we were all actually at the game. It was fun. There was a guy wearing a Yankees Suck T-shirt. The crazy men in Yankees jerseys pretended to jostle him and give him fighting words, but they were all laughing. Then, the friend of the Yankees Suck guy picked him up, threw him over his shoulder, and pretended to carry him out of the bar.
VERDICT: I like Bobby V’s. It feels like a big family and/or college.

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