Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hope St. Post Office: Almost Southern

SCOOP: The Hope St. PO is convenient; it's patrons are the long-time residents who are going to make 400,000$ off you when they sell you their battered, 40 year-old 3-bedroom.
MY TAKE: In the name of research, I swung into the Hope St. PO today. I was thrilled to see the old-school PO boxes. You know, gold/copper color, square glass window so you can see your mail, box # on the glass, and the pointed dial you turn with your combo. I kind of want one of those.
I decided to wait in line to get a better feel for the place. As a cover, I planned to ask about air mail envelopes (they no longer exist) or buy a few stamps (I got a whole sheet of really awesome STAR WARS stamps.) The desk was short-handed; the line was mildly irritated but understanding. The clerk (no names here) was NOT flustered by the fact that he was doing all the work in the entire building. I had a chat with the retiree in front of me. He was mailing something he sold on eBay. Even though it was slow, the Hope St. PO was nice. When it was finally my turn, the clerk patiently explained that they no longer have air mail, it’s just priority or first class. I got my Star Wars stickers (I mean stamps) and left.
VERDICT: Feeling friendly and want one-on-one attention? Go to the Hope St. PO.

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