Monday, August 20, 2007

Post Office Perfection: Camp Ave

SCOOP: Want a coldly-efficient yet deep-down loving PO? Turn right off Hope St.
MY TAKE: The Camp Ave PO was one of the key reasons I started this blog. Located right behind my Twin Rinks NYSC, it’s brand new, with a huge parking lot and a spacious area to wait in line. If you need your passport renewed, and you are anxious about getting it back in time, GO THERE. I needed my passport ASAP, so I was freaking out. It seemed complicated to get the express envelope AND include ANOTHER express envelope inside that, and I didn’t want to be THAT PERSON who holds up the line. NO WORRIES at Camp Ave. They have a special BACK ROOM where they PUT THE WHOLE APPLICATION TOGETHER and make sure you have all the correct forms, envelopes, and postage. Usually for someone to be this helpful, you have to pay money. People keep saying passports are taking a long time, but I got mine back in a jiff. I give Camp Ave the credit for that, and for calming me down.
VERDICT: Great PO for the anxiety-ridden. Too bad it’s in the TOP RIGHT corner of Stamford, practically in New Caanan and Darien.

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Jeff said...

I used to live right near there, so it was my PO of choice. The staff is actually really nice, though a bit snippy when you don't know what you're doing.

Then again, you can't really step to the window at the PO and not know what you're doing without expecting some sort of static.