Monday, August 20, 2007

Post Offices Matter to Stamford

ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE: Stamford needs post offices, because they combat the dehumanization that comes from living in a big place. Email has replaced letters, but everyone needs POs to do mail boxes, get money orders, and send certified mail. You have to interact with other human beings at the PO. This is a good thing. I see people pay clerks in stores without saying a word of hello or thanks. I don’t want to live in a place where people think they are better than others. Even the wealthiest patron at a PO has to be polite; if not, the clerk will tell them to fuck off and get out. I’ve seen that happen (in Greenwich), and it’s awesome. The USPS is a government agency; fucking with them is probably a federal offense. The post office requires respect. Behaving well will make you a better person, and therefore make Stamford a better place for us all.

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