Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bobby V's vs. O'Neill's Karaoke

SCOOP: O'Neill's cannot match Bobby V's karaoke.
MY TAKE: My friend says that O’Neill’s karaoke in Norwalk- also on Wednesday- is equally good. I myself doubt that, because the one I went to last winter was pretty dead. But she said, no, it’s a young crowd, very supportive, and it’s darker, so it’s less intimidating. Well, I found the vibe at Bobby V’s plenty supportive; people who wanted to listen listened, and those who didn’t care chilled at the bar or talked with friends at the tall tables along the wall. I don’t want to be in dim drab O’Neill’s in the dark; I prefer Bobby V’s warm lighting and sports paraphernalia-covered walls. My friend said O’Neill’s is “more serious”; I guess that’s cool for serious singers, but Bobby V’s is about having a good time with no pressure.
VERDICT: Bring some friends to Bobby V's on Wednesday around 9, 9:30.
TIP: the MC at Bobby V’s might heckle you, but he’ll also save your butt and sing along if you are totally off-key.

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