Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Easy to Meet People on Tuesday

SCOOP: Go to Tigin on Tuesday if you want to compete with other smart people or meet men.
MY TAKE: Last week I walked into Tigin looking for a friend. Groups of people were huddled around tables, talking. My feelings were hurt. What the F? I thought. Does everyone in Stamford have friends except me? I ran into a different friend, who shouted, “Are you here for Trivia Night?” Oh yeah! He had mentioned it to me a few days before, but it sounded dorky and boring. But Tigin was packed. There were attractive people of all ages. They seemed deliriously happy; I guess a combo of beer, friends, and competition will do that. I rounded the corner and ran into a group of coworkers; they ended up winning the 50$ prize and spending it on shots.
I returned to Tigin last night and felt the same disorientation when I walked in: people were behaving in a non-bar way. They weren’t shouting over loud music. The girls weren’t in the circle of “We’re hot but don’t look at us”, and men weren’t staring lecherously. It was like being at a party with friends. Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of staring opportunities, but you’re busy, so no one can tell you're checking them out. When the game’s over, you can mingle. Ladies, take heed: I did notice there were more men than women. Men, invite your female friends, for god’s sake. Let’s make the most of this flirting opportunity.
VERDICT: Go to Tigin. Trivia starts at 8:30 (this Tues Sept 4 no trivia due to holiday). It ends by 10:30, so “I have to work the next day” is not an excuse.

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Jeff said...

Now that the Playwright's gone, Tigin's the only decent Irish bar in town. Love it. Too bad trivia night's on Tuesday.