Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stamford: Patching Itself Up

SCOOP: Stamford is undergoing a lot of construction right now.
MY TAKE: If I'd had my camera while driving down Summer St. last night at 11pm, I'd have a picture of Wash Blvd closed down, police lights flashing, and cars detouring over on Main and down Stillwater. Nothing to do with the crane, mind you, I think they were just paving. You're a mess, Stamford, I said to myself.
Same night, on the way back up Atlantic, more flashing lights; a cop had pulled someone over, and another car pulled in as back up- with flashing lights. Policemen, I see you pulling people over a lot these days. That means you have us safe drivers' backs. There were flashing lights at an accident on my road Tuesday evening; the cops were taking care of it. You’re not a mess, Stamford. People are just hard at work fixing you up. I guess that includes lots of flashing lights.
On Wednesday, they were doing some paving/jackhammer business near Black Bear, with a cadre of elaborate trucks and, again, flashing lights. All this construction is irritating and ugly, but you’re growing, Stamford. I have to admire you for that. Multi-million dollar businesses flowing into the South End, and there you are. Not stressing out. Just patchin' some roads.
VERDICT: Be patient with Stamford, and don't drive like a jerk if you're detoured.

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