Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You're Killing Me, Blockbuster

SCOOP: Blockbuster is seriously messed up and carries few movies I want to see.
MY TAKE: Dear Blockbuster on High Ridge,
Why did you take away the documentary section? What sense does it make to sprinkle them in the drama section? They’re not drama. Why don’t you weed out the comedy section- I doubt anyone is renting License to Drive with Heather Graham and Corey Haim from 20 years ago.
Why the ill-conceived shelf set-up? The aisles are narrow and long. You can only see the bottom shelf by bending over, but then your butt hits the other side of the aisle, so you have to bend sideways. If you’re in the middle of the row and decide you want to exit, you have to walk half the length of the entire building. The shelves are so high that I feel claustrophobic, and I’m tall. I guess you’re maximizing the space, but the aisles are like the maze scene at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I do appreciate that you had the second season of Weeds. It was in a really obscure location- the bottom shelf- but an employee helped me find it. I noticed there’s another Blockbuster near my Commerce St. NYSC; maybe it has a better selection.
VERDICT: Someone tell me: is there somewhere I can rent non-blockbuster films, or should I just do Netflix?

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Jeff said...

Video Hut on Hope St. is awesome. They have all sorts of good movies to rent, used DVDs to buy, and a staff who actually, y'know, likes movies.

Bonus: They are located on the way north to the Camp Ave PO, and right next to the State Theatre.