Saturday, August 18, 2007

Passport Service With a Grimace

SCOOP: Don't stress about your passport. Go to the Ferguson Library's basement.
MY TAKE: You may have noticed the huge banner on the Ferguson Library's front, advertising the erratic hours of the Passport Office. Oddly, the “office” is a desk located in the far corner of the basement. When I went there two years ago, the woman working there was… you know. So mean, because she’s tired of explaining the same old crap to people who get upset at her explanations (no, she does not make passports there), yet lovable because she is so mean. And, she’s not mean, she just can’t help you get a passport if you do not have the original copy of your proof of citizenship. At least she tells you where you stand. It was like a scene from Seinfeld as she tolerantly performed a tedious but very important job.
VERDICT: You can get most passport forms online, but if you need or prefer personal help, go to the Ferguson. You can get your passport photo taken (10 bucks) and chat with the jaded clerk. Actually, the woman who was there last month was spacey and sweet, but I like the grumpy lady better.

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