Friday, August 31, 2007

Stamford Skate Park Looks Cool

SCOOP: There's a skate park that opened this summer in Scalzi Park. The park opens at 8 every day and closes at sunset. A Scalzi Park employee monitors it after 4 pm.
MY TAKE: This video is short, but it shows how when there are many skaters, they wait patiently and take turns. The guy in the video is average. If you want to see a kid who is REALLY good, go to this link on You Tube:
It's called "stamford skatepark" by skate 1423 if you have trouble finding it. The dog in the video cracks me up.
VERDICT: The park is on Bridge St. , and it looks like it would be fun to watch the skaters on the weekend or after work.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm the "average" skater in that video. Since I'm 45 years old I dare say that makes me above average. Thanks for posting ... Scalzi's skatepark is awesome. Connecticut needs more good skateparks like this one.

Stamford Talk said...

Heh heh- 45 are you kidding me? I was thinking 21. How long have you been skating? Maybe I should take back the word "average"... but did ya see that kid in the other video?
Glad you found the post. I'll have to get back to Scalzi soon- but do all the fall leaves cause a problem? Does it clean up ok after rain and rotting leaves?

Anonymous said...

The other video is Matt Anderson and he's got natural talent. Lots of great kids getting better every day. There are some good images at

The park dries out very quickly ... we were skating this morning. Just a little puddle in the smaller bowl. The leaves are everywhere, but are not really a problem. We sweep, and the city blows out any debris every morning.

I've been skating since the mid 70s. Its too fun to quit. And a lot cheaper than snowboarding!

-Bill Helene

Anonymous said...

hey man i think you the same person that is taking phoos at the park if it is you could you email me and tell me where there are