Monday, February 4, 2008

The Best Way to Meet People in Stamford!

I’ll be honest with you. The only way I have ever met people in Stamford is through I do have one friend from my gym, and I’ve had some nice roommates, but Stamford did not deliver on the friendship front until I went onto

I now have friends from my book club, but there are dozens of local meetup groups you can try. Here are some interesting ones:

  • The Stamford Movie Fans Meetup Group
  • Darien lovers of South American food
  • Karaoke Lovers of CT
  • The Stamford Scrabble Meetup Group
  • Fairfield County Board Games (meets up this Tues at 6)
  • Fairfield County Wingmen (I would think this group is a joke, except that I have randomly met the organizer, and he was very friendly. I’m not sure I’d use him as my wingman, though, as his exuberant personality might be a bit of a scene-stealer.)
  • The Fairfield County Couples Going out Group
  • Southwestern Connecticut Fun and Games Meet Up Group
  • Stamford Social, Single & New in Town 20's to 40's Meetup
  • The 35-45 Single Women's Weekend Meetup Group
  • The Fairfield County Pug Meetup Group
Obviously, there are all kinds of people around here wanting to have fun. You should try one, or even start your own meetup.

Meetup now charges organizers a monthly fee of $19, or $228 per year. Annoying, but it cuts down on junk groups so the site isn't swamped with dead groups. Usually group members help the organizer with a 1 $ donation at each meeting.

Check out Wikipedia for a history of

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention! Meetup is awesome :)

Lisa, Organizer -
The 35-45 Single Women's Weekend Meetup Group