Wednesday, February 13, 2008

City of Stamford: You're Sorta Complicated

There's some interesting chit-chat going on over at my fellow blogger Mr. Stamford's site. (Does that make me Ms. Stamford?) He asserted that Stamford has no identity, which I of course disagreed with. After some comments back and forth between a few of us readers, I think our general consensus is that Stamford has the extremes that go with a city. Stamford is complicated, and maybe that's its identity.

So does that mean Greenwich and Darien and simpler? I'd venture to say yes.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Stamford sounds like a sourpuss. He has nothing good to say!

Stamford Talk said...

Hm... maybe MS is new to Stamford. When I first moved here, I found Stamford puzzling... and not in a good way.

Like I wrote in one of my first posts 6 months ago, "Stamford can be a tough place to love if you don't know where to look. It took me nine years to like Stamford..."

I'm glad I put the work in to meet new people and explore- I've met some great people through the blog, too. I've also discovered that there's more to do in Stamford than I'd ever have time for. For ex., I really want to do ESL teaching at the library, and visit and write about every park (I'll start that in the spring), and go to tons of meetups... Stamford really does have so much to offer.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out Mr. Stamford's blog and I will never stray from you again Stamford Talk. I like your positive spin on Stamford and that you promote things done well and offer constructive criticism to things that need improvement. Mr. Stamford is a big whiner! He has nothing nice to say at all and just throws inappropriate jabs out there. BEsides, anyone who thinks the CrabShell is "quality" food and the restaurants in Stamford, "blow" as he nicely puts it, has no taste at all. ST, you have steered me right on so many restaurants and events. Keep up the good work. If he hates it here so much he should just get out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stamford should rename himself "Mr. North Stamford Snob Who Looks Down On Anyone Who Isn't From North Stamford."

What a jerk. First he says the people of Italian descent at his appliance store are like Tony Soprano and he feels like it's mobbed up.

Then he says that the East Side is a "crime infested waste land" and reminds him of Harlem. I've lived here for years and have never had a problem with crime. I find the people on the East Side to be diverse, friendly, and interesting.

This idiot wants Stamford to be a soulless corporate mecca rather than the vibrant, interesting collection of diverse neighborhoods that it is. He strikes me as an insular, racist, whining snob!

Yay Stamford Talk.

Boo Mr. Down on Stamford.

Stamford Talk said...

Well thank you for the Stamford Talk props!

I will say this about blogging- it's much easier to be negative. I watch myself carefully to make sure I'm not only complaining. I post every day, so I try to plan some posts ahead of time. Since I don't blog off the cuff, I'm not blogging only when I'm irritated. Many people blog to get things off their chest, and in his latest post, Mr. S. says maybe he’s just venting.

I agree that Mr. S.'s blog has a negative slant, but he sparked an interesting discussion, and that’s what blogging is for! I think he expresses a view held by a lot of people who are not fans of Stamford’s diversity, and he gives us a chance to learn more and hear a different perspective. Just goes to show that there is a LOT to say about Stamford… so let’s keep talking.