Friday, February 8, 2008

Marco Paoletta Murder Case: No Progress?

Every morning- and every afternoon, and every evening- I eagerly log on to my Stamford Talk RSS reader. I head straight to the Local News tab, hoping to find something on the Marco Paoletta murder case, and every day, there's no word. I'm disappointed and a little confused.

I know the police can't reveal anything about the investigation, but I wish I could hear something. I have not read one single word about the case in three weeks. I assume police are close to something; a crime committed so boldy, and probably by more than one person, can't stay covered up forever. Maybe mentioning how the investigation is going will tip off a suspect who's under surveillance, and that's why they're not giving out any info to the public. Maybe they got a lot of flack for a careless comment they made early on in the investigation, and now they've been advised not to say anything. Whatever the case, I am sure Stamford police are doing everything they can to solve this. It was a terrible crime. All of the links above lead to my previous posts about the case if you want to know more.

Best of luck to police, and condolences to Marco's family.

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