Friday, February 8, 2008

My NYSC Latin Dancing Nemesis?

Could the dance instructor named in this Advocate article be the same one who made me cry? .........

I google-imaged his name and found nothing, but I'm certainly not going to pay good money to attend that event and find out. If you do, please email me or comment here with a description of what this dancer looks like. My NYSC torturer was 30-ish and did not look obviously Latino. He had short hair.

The words "cult following" in the article may explain why I couldn't do any of the moves. If this all sounds silly to you, I dare you to go try his class at NYSC. You can probably get a free week-membership or day pass. Really, go. One reader commented that she had the same experience as me, but I want more of you to experience the shock of finding yourself in the midst of a chorus line of skilled dancers... when all you wanted was to have a little fun burning off some holiday pounds!

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