Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stamford Calendar of Events

I'm continuing to keep the calendar to the right updated, culling through local websites so you don't have to! I don't put every single event up, just the ones I find appealing or ones I think will appeal to many people. If you think I have missed something, please email stamfordtalk at gmail.

I don't include events on my Stamford calendar, but that's really where you should go if you are looking for fun activities in Stamford!

I don't have ongoing events listed, like Tuesday's Trivia at Tigin, because I don't want to jam up the calendar. I'm debating making a separate calendar for ongoing events, but for now, I'll add the Trivia to the Events calendar since it's the only ongoing activity besides karaoke that's worth going to on a weeknight.
Online sources I use are the Stamford Times, Stamford Advocate, Fairfield Weekly, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Avon Theatre, Yahoo events, um.... I think that's it!


Anonymous said...

I have class on Tuesday nights (yeah part-time advanced degrees!), but I definitely want to check out Trivia Night. Maybe during Spring Break!

Stamford Talk said...

You won't be disappointed, esp. if you have a fun team. It's great that Tigin takes the time to run the contest (I think it might be a national pub game or something?)- it gives adults a chance to have fun, and I guess people are motivated because there's alcohol involved AND a prize! Hey, whatever it takes to be social.