Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'll Take Some Cheerios with that Cosmo!

Interesting article in the NY Times style section on pros and cons of allowing strollers- and children- in bars. It focuses on Brooklyn but raises the general question of mixing martinis and crayons.

I've never had any issues in Stamford with children in bars. We probably have suburban culture to thank for that. Getting in the minivan after a couple of beers? Maybe some things that work in Brooklyn won't work for Stamford!

My initial reaction is that people should use good sense. If your kid's not bothering anyone, great. If they're crying, running around, falling down the stairs, getting hit by errant pool balls, take them out. I do think the bar's owner should be able to set his or her own rules. Is there room for strollers, is it a safe environment, is the clientele amenable to kids? I do think it's funny that people want to take their toddlers in for a drink, but if you can't afford day care, or don't want to get a babysitter... well, I think we should make room for people who are trying to enjoy life with babies.

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