Friday, February 22, 2008


3:00 pm Friday: CT has declared a snow emergency. That means, stay home and relax. The snow has stopped and my road looks decent, but still predicts snow and ice all evening. Tell your boss about the emergency, then tell him or her that you have a really steep driveway, which means you need to leave right now to get home before the freezing rain starts.

I haven't left my home at all today. I'm from Virginia, and I drive a teensy car, so if it snows, I throw in the towel. My driveway slopes, so I don't even try to leave for fear that I'll slide into the side of my own house. I had a bad experience up here, one in which I could not get out of the parking lot at work because the exit is a long slope. I thought I'd lose my mind- getting stuck in the work parking lot???

I woke up early and watched traffic jams on I-95 at 5 am. I hope none of you were involved in traffic. (Although if you do have any snow-related gossip, post it here.) Get home, take your shoes off, and ask the person in your family who was brave enough to go to work to stop and get S'more makings on the way home. If you don't have a fireplace, a coil burner can work, too, but don't tell any fire officials that I said that, and triple-check that you turned it off.

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