Thursday, February 28, 2008

Café Moja, You Are Soooooooo Out of Control

Clearly Café Moja was feeling left of out the Stamford restaurant gossip circles. Some patrons decided to take matters into their own hands to ensure that Café Moja made headlines. There was (another) melee outside the restaurant/club late Tuesday night.

I previously featured Café Moja on Stamford Talk in November-- "Café Moja, Seriously! Gunshots?"-- when someone shot at police officers who came to break up a fight outside the club at 2am.

Café Moja also made headlines in the blog in October when the owner’s brother was arrested for selling drugs out of the resto, which the Advocate says informants had described as a haven for drug dealers. See "Would you like a Drug Deal with That?"

Has anyone been to this place? It’s right at a key intersection near Crabshell. If there was a melee, it was in the street, not just in front of the club. Cafe Moja is not looking like an asset to the Southfield/Waterside neighborhood.

However, as I point out in a related post, "Southfield Area: Diversity, Boats, Hoods," it's important not to stereotype part of the city and the people who live there. In that post, I describe the Southfield neighborhood, its contrasts in wealth, its new development, and a my spectacular rollerblading wipe out near Dolphin Cove.


Amanda said...

...And I quote, from their website: "If you consider yourself a part of the grown & sexy movement, then Cafe Moja is where you belong."

You guys want to do a happy hour over there or something?


Stamford Talk said...

I'd consider it!
It would be interesting.

Amanda said...

I think that was my poor attempt at humor.

Anonymous said...

Happy hour at Moja...Im in!!!!!!

Stamford Talk said...

Did you all think I was joking? I would really go for happy hour, or for a drink, or whatever. It's always good to try new things. But it might look like I was going to gawk at the place where the melee took place, and that would be gauche, so I'd have to wait a month or two.

Anonymous said...

Im not kidding either. My brother-in-law went once and he said it was a bit scary. He stood out like a sore thumb but it was ok. I totally have always wanted to go there. Lets meet for a drink.