Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reality TV in Stamford This Week: Let's Eat!

On the way to the Avon Film Festival on Saturday, I saw guys unloading two big trucks of equipment behind Telluride. Hmm, what's this special event? A band? I hadn't heard of anything going on. I snapped a few pics with my camera, which I always carry around Stamford, then zoomed over to one of the guys.

Me: Hey, what's this? A band?
No, a reality TV show.
Me: TV show?!? Which one?
Kitchen Nightmares.
Me: What's that?
It's by the same guy who does Hell's Kitchen.
Me: Which restaurant are they doing? Republic Grill? Telluride?
No, the one on the corner.
Me: Sabatiello's?

Are you a reporter?
Me: No, but I have a website about Stamford. So when are they filming?
Sorry, that's all I can tell you.

Exciting, right? Well, here's the best part: WE GET TO GO TO THIS!!!!!!! Zobot posted this essential info, which I'll pass on to you:

Fox's Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay is shooting at Sabatiello's Italian Grill in Stamford CT Sunday 2/17-Wednesday 2/20. Diners are needed to fill the restaurant each night and be on camera as Gordon walks the dining room.

Sunday & Monday diners will receive a $20 appearance fee to apply to the cost of their meal. Menu ranges from $10-$30.

Tuesday & Wednesday participants cover the cost of their meals. Menu items are Gordon Ramsay creations.

Please email ( or call Dina at 323-326-6045.

Thanks Zobot, and see y'all at Sabatiello's!

I am such a paparazzi.


md said...

Man, that place needs it.

Manager Mom said...

you could NOT pay me enough to consume food prepared at a restaurant that is dismal enough to qualify for "Kitchen Nightmares." I have never eaten at Sabatiellos and Gordon Ramsey certainly won't make me start...

Jeff Herz said...

We were downtown tonight and noticed all the trucks outside and around that area.

It is kind of amusing since we have watched this program before, and when I just told my wife what show was filming there, she said "ew, I am never eating there again"

Stamford Talk said...

Haha! I guess having a show with the word "Nightmare" in it might not be the best ad for the restaurant. I was not impressed by the food when I was there either, but somehow this show must relate to a goal of making their food better, right?

In any case, the dishes are going to be made by Gordon Ramsey, so it's worth a go, if you ask me! I really want to be on TV.

Anonymous said...

ST, did you get a reservation to eat there this week? We're tossing around the idea, but I'm on the fence...

Stamford Talk said...

On the fence? Are you crazy? This is probably a once in a lifetime chance. I'm half-kidding, but only half. I'm excited about this!

I didn't get a chance to call yesterday, but I'm calling today. I hope to get Mon or Tues reservation bc I want to go to the Oscar shorts at the Avon on Wed! Love you Stamford, spicing up February with some unusual events!

Why are you on the fence? Come to think of it, my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm either, but that's not gonna stop me.

Amanda said...

I'm going with a girlfriend tomorrow. Def call soon, it doesn't sound like there's too much space left!

Anonymous said...

Do I want all of America (okay, the 5% of America that actually watches this show) seeing me eat my food? What happens if I don't eat my spaghetti the way I'm supposed to? I would be the laughingstock of!

I think it would be interesting, but I don't know how interesting...

Stamford Talk said...

It's going to be super-crazy interesting! I've got res. for Tuesday.

I initially thought "Kitchen Nightmares" referred to say, the kitchen being poorly laid out. However, after my sensible sister expressed horror and seemed to have seen the show before, I thought maybe I should learn exactly what the show is about.

Here's a descrip from
Rancid scallops, arrogant head chefs, and dangerously dirty kitchens...these are just some of the horrors that await celebrated chef, Gordon Ramsay, in Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Famous for his explosive personality, fiery temper, and colorful language, Gordon attempts to save a different restaurant from financial ruin every week.

EEK! It's a good thing I'm going on night 3 of 4. I would be eager to hear what someone who went on Sunday thought! Would that food have been abysmal?

I'll post Tues. night and maybe we'll get some good scoop from adventurous eaters and fame-seekers.