Monday, February 25, 2008

My Friend Christopher Expounds on Oprah, Cute Dresses, QVC and the Power of Women

I feel justified sharing this non-Stamford related post because I met the author during the same year in which I made my first intentional foray into the city of Stamford. Christopher is a ragingly brilliant actor and radio talk host in Minneapolis. He’s not a Stamford resident, but he is a core member of the Stamford Talk inner circle. His most recent post will, I hope, shed light on why he is my friend.

Christopher and his wife were my neighbors in Rye, NY, the first year I moved up here. Their apartment was across the hall from mine. We were best buddies for 6 months until they moved to Minnesota; they may have moved because I was at their place non-stop. Our adventures included spying on the Olympic swimmer downstairs, drinking lots of coffee, and taking the train into the city to see Christopher in Henry V. His wife and I participated in all sorts of hi-jinx behind the scenes. The two of us gossiped about the other actors, crept around the theatre, and once accidentally stumbled into the spotlight behind a well-known actress.

The three of us also made a zine together. I'd bring my computer across the hall to their apartment and type. People who'll write poems and articles at my bidding = my kind of peeps. We also put together a dossier on our gold medal-winning neighbor. Do you think I’m joking? The funniest part is that the dossier was totally not my idea. I dream- dream- of having neighbors like them again.


Anonymous said...

Kristine, I'm truly flattered you placed this on Stamford Talk.

And though I'm not a Stamford resident, I would hasten to add in the five years my wife and I lived in Rye, we came to Stamford 281 times. Wait . . . let me adjust that to 283 . . . yep, 283. There was one time Kristine asked us to follow her to Stamford. We made it there but then . . . she got lost. So we got lost. We then found our way back into Stamford but before we knew it began seeing signs for Waterbury. We were lost. Again. We finally made it back to Stamford and had lunch.

Now, that's 283, right? Or is it 284?

Finally, let's set the record straight: The greatest sadness we experienced when moving to Minnesota, and still feel it, was being so many miles from our great pal, Kristine.

Stamford Talk said...

Whaaaaaaaat? I don't remember that! Did we really go to Stamford together?