Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cheese Spilled at Exit 6: Enough Said

Advocate headline: Crash spills fuel, cheese onto I-95

That headline is obviously funny, so obvious that it's not funny to point it out. Instead, I want to point out that the article about the spilt cheese does not even specify what type of cheese it was! Wheels of brie? Logs of cheddar? Plastic-wrapped Kraft?

It's irresponsible journalism not to report the details.
Does anyone have the scoop on this?

Googling "cheese spill stamford" and "cheese spill I-95" comes up with nothing.


Anonymous said...

I cut the cheese, but I was walking down Atlantic Street, so I don't think the two incidents are related...


Anonymous said...

They should've just ignited the fuel...instant fondue!