Thursday, March 13, 2008

Remo's Pizza, Peeps, Red Wine, Weight Loss

I had lunch yesterday at Remo's Brick Oven Pizza and was pleasantly surprised. The 12" veggie pizza Napoleonata was piled with vegetables and only 12 bucks. The eggplant was steamed, not fried, the spinach generous, and the cheese light. I would prefer the pizza sauce to be less sweet, but overall, it's a good meal option if you're trying to be healthy like I am.

I had a friend over for dinner, and the leftover pizza fed both of us (supplemented with hummus, carrots, and a small bunless burger). To cap off the healthy evening, we sat on the couch eating Peeps, drinking wine, and watching Biggest Loser: Couples Edition. It's an incredible show, and I feel bad for you if you don't watch it. The new cocoa peeps are worth a try.

So how 'bout that Spitzer scandal? Who saw that coming? At happy hour three girlfriends and I debated if it was worse to have an affair or to see a prostitute. They agreed prostitute, since it meant the person didn't have romantic love for someone else, but I shouted across the table, "At least affairs are legal!!!" The Clubhouse on Stillwater has pretty good happy hour deals, and it's virtually empty if you want some quiet chatting time with friends.


Anonymous said...

I believe the girls at happy hour also discussed the idea that in a traditional, monogamous marriage both sex legally in a "romantic" relationship or illegally with a prostitute could hold the same amount of disappointment/disgust.

mistersquid said...

I shouted across the table, "At least affairs are legal!!!"

And that's where the court would find against you because, sweetie, adultery is a crime.

Anonymous said...

Not a crime in Connecticut anymore. We're not THAT backward.

Stamford Talk said...

It's illegal in some states, though, right? It's funny how marriage/sex laws are the last to change, like interracial marriage- I think that was still on the books in Virginia ridiculously recently. I think it's funny that laws can apply to things that so obviously aren't criminal. Why should the cops care who's having affairs?

Anonymous said...

Remo is very good. I've been going there once a month since it opened. Remo is what most restaurants in Stamford are not. Remo has quality food for a good price. Almost everything on the menu is less than $12. The most expensive item is $14 salmon.

Their grilled chicken sand is actually good and it is not that sisco crap that every place has.

Remo is a gem.

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Kristin Joy said...

Love Red wine...