Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pumpkin Spice Heaven at High Ridge Starbucks

I recently broke the story that Starbucks now lets you add a second shot to your tall latte for free. Now I’m going to tell you something else, something that I really wanted to keep to myself for fear that there’d be a run on Starbucks… and deplete supplies of pumpkin elixir. That’s right. I’m talking about pumpkin spice lattes 5/1 Update I'm super-angry about: not every Starbucks gives the shot for free..

The High Ridge Starbucks still has some of the pumpkin elixir left. A few other places in the area do too, but the HRS informed me they have 10 vats of it in the back. That’s the only reason I’m publicizing the info. I still feel confident I can get my weekly PSL, and, maybe if we use up all the elixir, that will give Starbucks the message that they should stock up big time next year.

Because when a barista says to me, “We’re out of pumpkin spice,” you don’t even know how crushed I am. Once, they were out of it in December! That was horrible!

Today I got my PSL and asked the barista not to put the top on it because I needed to get a photo of it, so it had to look perfect. He tried to hand it to me without the spice on top- I guess he’s a pumpkin spice novice, but I explained the proper spicing to him.

I usually don’t get whip cream because of the calories, but I got it this time, and wow. Wow wow wow. It makes the drink so much better. This was the first time I’ve had a topless PSL, and it’s fun to drink it that way because you get a whip cream mustache. I wanted to scream “This is so good!!!” and I also pictured tapping the girl beside me and saying, “Do I have whip cream on my face?” I didn’t do either, but that pumpkin spice rivaled the excellence of the first one that I got. Maybe I’ll start carrying my own fat-free whip cream.

I’m going to link to a story about my first pumpkin spice latte so you’ll understand the depth of my feelings. The story is absolute foolishness, so only read it if you care about PSLs. I wrote the piece two years ago, but I revised the first paragraph so it makes sense today. If the blog doesn’t give you a sense of my personality, the PSL story will. You’ll see that I’m a highly excitable person, maybe clinically so. I don’t care. I bound around Stamford with rainbows shooting out of my head, and I’m ok with that.

Long live pumpkin!


Leadhyena Inrandomtan said...

It's funny... where most people go crazy about PSL (and I admit it's fun once in a while) I really go for chai on late fall/early spring days such as this. In fact, this is exactly what I'm drinking right now because of such a craving. I started drinking chai because I read about it in A Clockwork Orange and had to try it in the interest of literature immersion. Ever since, the fall will always remind me of chai and that book. The reason for the tangent is that strangely, PSLs also reminds me of the book as well.

Anonymous said...


ST did you read the story about traces of drugs and hormones found in water all over the country? NYC had 16 durg and hormone traces. See

Of course li'l old Stamford was not on the list nor was any community in CT. I would love to know what's in our water! We should definitely have it tested for these chemicals.

I also could not find a standard water quality report for Stamford online. This could make a great story for your blog, want to do a bit of digging?

Sarah said...

Have yo ever tried Pumpkin Spice Green Mountain coffee? Heaven.

Stamford Talk said...

Ahhh, Green Mountain? I guess you northerners do pumpkin coffee right! I'll look for it at the Super Stop and Shop and hope I haven't missed the season..

Also, anonymous, thank you for the water info- I read the article and it is disturbing. If mood stabilizers are in the waters of Kentucky and Detroit, can you IMAGINE what's in Fairfield County's water?

Anonymous said...

agreed - psl is one of the best drinks ever invented/imbibed.