Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring in Stamford=Illegal ATV Riding

Spring in Stamford means the re-opening of the Stamford Skate Park, buying your $20 Cove Beach Pass, and dusting off your tennis rackets. In my neighborhood, it means something else. The following dialogue is verbatim because I typed it as we were talking.

Husband: Oh by the way guess what I saw on our street the other day.
I shout: Coyote?
Wait, don’t tell me! Turkey buzzard?
A meteor? Girl scouts selling cookies?
The guy in the blue car who always speeds?

K-9 division of the Stamford police?
No. It’s neither beast nor fowl.
The lady with the fox dog?
No. Are you-
No no don’t tell me! I want to keep thinking. Mounted police? Schwann man?

Husband: It’s a harbinger of spring, or summer.
A robin?
It’s neither fowl nor beast.
Hm…. summer, summer, something in summer… a convertible?
It’s a combination that includes a vehicle.
A skidoo?
A camper? The ice cream truck!!!
Shakes head.
The dog catcher? A motorcycle with a side cart? A hovercraft?

I muse aloud: A harbinger of spring… or summer… a snake? A crayfish?
Husband: In the northeast, it’s an indication of spring- in this very particular area we live in.
The book mobile!!!!!
(Laughs) No.

I muse: In Stamford or Greenwich, a harbinger of spring…
Husband: No, like a smaller area.
In Bull’s Head?
Probably even a smaller area than that.
Bunnies? Oh it’s not beast.

Husband: It involves a vehicle and only really involves the street we live on.
Me: But what other vehicle do I watch obsessively besides the garbage truck? OH- the guy with the ATV and the kid!!!

There is a guy a few streets over who rides on a four-wheeler, in the street, with his four year-old kid in his lap, with no helmet of any kind. I’m astounded. People go so fast on our street- it’s a 25 mph street, and people often go 40 or 45. But if off-roading in Belltown means the weather’s getting nicer, well… I’ll let it go.

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