Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Join a Gym, or Stamford Will Make You Fat

This post is in honor of my other favorite show, Biggest Loser: Couples Edition. I once read in Shape magazine that Stamford was one of the healthiest areas in the country. One reason was our high number of gyms. I’m not sure if that makes us healthy, but I know why we work out so much.

It’s hard to find things to do on weeknights in Stamford. The only regular events are trivia, open mics and karaoke. Sometimes you don’t want to go to a bar, so it’s easy to fall back on eating out. With Capriccio’s lemon cake, gigantic portions at Kit’s Thai Kitchen, and Dairy Queen right on the main road, it is near impossible to keep slim.

To that end, I have finally joined Planet Fitness.

Husband: What??? Don’t you already belong to a gym???
Me: Yes, but I have a fabulous rate on it. I’m never quitting NYSC- that gym is the reason we will never move from this area. I joined you up, and I’m going to go as your free guest.
Husband: What? Noooooo!
Me: It’s too late. I already signed you up online.

With the $19.99 membership, you get free guests, so Planet Fitness, here we come. You also get free tanning, but don’t use that. It’s the reason skin cancer in young women is rapidly increasing. If you need a good dermatologist, email me.

Important info for singles: I eavesdropped on someone at my NYSC and she said that Yama Yoga on West Main has more men in their classes. My take: those men are clearly trying to meet women, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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