Friday, March 21, 2008

Headless Chickens in the Greenwich Time

Well. I thought the Stamford Advocate had the market cornered on the strange headlines, but today's Greenwich Time caught my eye with "Headless chickens found behind bank."

The words "headless chickens" certainly must be a rare phrase to find in a newspaper, much less a Greenwich paper. I feel bad for the chickens (although I shouldn't, because I eat them three times a week) but it pleases me a bit to see the area and the newspapers spiced up with some out of the ordinary events. I'm tired of school boards and car accidents.

I chastised the Advocate in January for their horrible headline about a murder, but I can't fault the Time on their choice of headlines. There really was no other way they could have said it. I appreciate that they didn't try to be cute about it; they just gave the news. There were some headless chickens found behind a bank today, and we're not going to try to make it funny, and we're not going to make it into a big drama. Just the news, people.

Update: March 22- Chicken Investigation Continuing

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