Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cool Stuff You (Even Men) Can Buy in Stamford

I have to show you these flowers. They are only 5 bucks with your Stop and Shop card. (At least at the Super Stop and Shop they are.) The darker pink flowers have lasted for over a week. Men, buy these for the lady in your life. You lazy bastards!

I have a phobia of shopping, so most things I buy are from Stop and Shop. I prefer stand-alone stores, as they are easy to escape. This Nalgene bottle is from Eastern Mountain Sports, a stand-alone (well, stand-with-Mrs. Green's) store on High Ridge.

I got it because I don't drink enough water and I thought a pretty water bottle would attract me. Plus, the people on my favorite show, Biggest Loser: Couples Edition carry the bottles around. I got a smaller blue one that fits in the cup holder of the cardio machines. I was tired of using disposable water bottles so I thought I'd invest in these. The big bottle is 8 bucks, and the smaller one 7.50. It's not in the picture because it was in my gym bag.

The coffee mug in this pic is so you can have a sense of the size of the Nalgene bottle and flowers. They're all pretty big!

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