Thursday, March 20, 2008

Napa and Co: Stamford’s Best $24 Burger

My husband and I got rejected from Market last Thursday, so we headed over to Napa. I intended to get the one affordable thing on the menu: $17 pasta. I took a look at the menu and remembered that a worldly, fashionable ninth grader had told me that Napa had a great burger. At 24 bucks, the burger is one of your cheaper dinner options.

Napa’s burger is the reason I found out about the bizarre ban imposed on the most a la mode restaurant in Stamford. I finally got that burger. I’ll tell you about it here since we’re not allowed to talk about Napa and Co. on the country’s most popular food discussion board, which I will not name! I’m imposing a ban on that site here.

The burger is Kobe beef on a brioche roll, with melted gouda, onions, and black pepper aioli. It’s juicy and fabulous and almost worth 24 bucks. You should try it. My husband got the pasta and it gave both of us heartburn. C’est la vie.

Bonus: the warm chocolate cake, which equals the fabulousness of Morton’s and Duo’s and adds a pistachio gelato. Knock me over with a spoon!

The lunch takeout counter at Napa, called The Pantry, looks to have a very well-priced sandwich menu. I also hear that the flatbreads are good, and a friend said the scallops were the best she'd ever eaten (and she's from Boston!).

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Amanda said...


Why the ban on the site which shall not be named?

Anonymous said...

I just posted about the Napa burger on a recent thread and it got deleted. Argh! I didn't even name the restaurant! Soooo annoying!

Stamford Talk said...

Well, I'll never name the SWSNBN on a post about Napa. I think you knooooow why.

Anonymous, what did you think about the burger? I loved it and got angry when my husband tried to take more than the quarter that I offered. I thought the fries were, enh, okay.

Anonymous said...

I loved it as well. Deliciously meaty and buttery (rather than greasy) at the same time. Cooked perfectly medium rare and the onion jam was great. Mine didn't come with fries when I had it. It came with these way too large onion rings that were just okay. I still think it was worth the $24. :)

Unknown said...

How wonderful, I have been to the Nappa Closet for wine, and the restaurant for lunch, but now you tell me the Burgers are fantastic? I will need to run over one evening a get one and not say a word about the site that shall not be named! Their loss

Manager Mom said...

Which pasta gave Mr. Stamford Talk the heartburn? Say it ain't the veal gnocchi? that is probably hands down, one of my favorite dishes at any restaurant in the entire world. No kidding.

Stamford Talk said...

Whitemist it's the Pantry not the Closet! Funny.

It was the Tagiatelle Bolognese- I think the issue was maybe that there was too much cheese in the sauce rather than meat. I got a much better Penne Bolognese (or whatever shaped pasta) at Napa last fall. I'll make a mental note of the veal gnocchi (I hate that word).

But yeah- that burger is some goooood stuff. How about they take away the fries and cut the price to $ 20?

Anonymous said...

I think it's $20 @ lunch...