Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mystery, Power: Stamford and the Island of Lost

Stamford will give you what you want if you ask. It’s just like Lost. Locke has faith that the island will show him the right path, but he takes actionable steps like digging up the hatch and blowing up the submarine.

I took actionable steps in August when I started the blog. I said, “I am going to find the good stuff in Stamford and share it with people so they don’t go through the same devastating boredom I experienced when I first lived here.” I had faith that if I asked Stamford to show me something interesting, it would. I have pursued leads on events and places, creeping around Stamford like Locke creeps around the island.

I'm certain I'm on the right path. I ask for weird events and encounters, and I get them. For example, when I went to the Avon Oscar Film Fest on a Saturday morning, I saw a film crew with loads of equipment. I strolled up, got the scoop on the upcoming Kitchen Nightmares show and posted about it. Zobot responded with the info on how to get reservations. If I hadn’t gone to the movies and approached the camera crew guy, I wouldn’t have had any quality gossip to post. I wouldn’t have known how to reserve a spot, and I never would have met Chef Ramsay and made my reality TV debut. One actionable step leads to another.

Getting what you want requires sacrifice, both of yourself and others. Locke has no qualms about killing other people or letting them die if it means he can further his quest to follow the signs to an ultimate end that he doesn’t know but believes is there. I make my husband do all sorts of things like eat dinner with a camera in his face, sit in the Avon’s horrible chairs, and play trivia with complete strangers. I believe something very good will come of these actions.

All of Locke’s actions, no matter how maniacal they seem, are part of the series of events that have led at least some of the castaways off the island.

When I first moved here in 2001, I just sat on the beach complaining. I didn’t know how to get out there into the jungle and make things happen. I didn’t hunt boar or pursue mystical visions in a sweat lodge. I didn’t even get out to collect sticks to build a baby crib.

I took my first step last summer when I joined meetup.com, and that little step has led to a circle of talented friends who have added a lot to my life. Little actions matter, and if you keep at it, Stamford will give you what you are looking for, whether it’s adventure or food or friends.

Lost is a puzzle of people and places, just like Stamford. I don’t understand this town yet, but I’m trying.

I’m thinking about Lost today because it’s Tuesday, the day I let myself start thinking about the upcoming Thursday episode, just 2.5 days away. I’ve only watched the show since November. I roared through 3 seasons in less than 3 months on planes, my couch, and the bike at the gym. My love of Lost has corresponded with a surge of happiness in my life in general, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Sawyer is my favorite character. I hope he lives, but I'm pretty sure he's going to die.


Manager Mom said...

LOST!!! I have been a huge fan since before day 1 - because I loves me some Matthew Fox, based on the Party of Five days.

I think Sawyer's going to bite it too. I think he's the body in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

Awesome analogy, and it can be applied to almost anything in life, not just making the most of Stamford.

I introduced Mrs. Z to meetup.com last week, she hasn't committed to any of the groups yet, but things look promising.

Of course, after this, I'm afraid to ever meet you fear that you'll channel your inner Locke and kill me if it will help you to achieve your Stamford master plan! ;)

-Mr. Z

Anonymous said...

Hey, make sure when you're doing your searching you listen to others. I remember giving you advice a long time ago to watch Lost. Glad you opened up to it. Keep yourself wide open to the possibilities of others' suggestions.

Unknown said...

I agree that this is a fabulous analogy! I also think the body in the box is Sawyer. I am hoping, however, that Ben is in the box. The show jumps around in time so much that it could be Ben. But, even more importantly, WHY DOES KATE HAVE Aaron??!!

Stamford Talk said...

If we all think Sawyer's in the box, then he's not, because nothing in the show is the obvious answer. That means he must either die on the island or stay there. Nooooo don't die!
I wonder how long they'll make us wait to find out what happens to Claire.