Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogs for Paranoid Parents Across the US

I just found the most insane- and by insane I mean psychotic- blog. I googled Stamford in Google Blog Search to see if I could find more Stamford blogs. Well, I came upon an entry about Crabshell Restaurant in a blog called "I Saw Your Nanny." I hesitate to point out the site because it seems so despicable, but I did say one of the points of this blog is to gossip. If you read the responses to the Crabshell post, let me know if you think anyone other than crazy people read that blog. Although, after I said that, I did just feel the urge to go read that blog some more. But I'm not going to. At least right now.


Picky Eater said...

OMG, those people are CRAZY!!!!!

(Loving your blog! BTW, have you been to The Colony Grill yet? It's a Stamford institution. It even has a Facebook group!)

Anonymous said...

This blog is very useful and interesting. Thx for the links. When I saw the nanny blog... I couldn't get to read the whole thing. Wow, some people have a lot of free time and really nothing fulfilling to do with their lives. Let's not even acknowledge their emptyness. Keep up this great blog!!!