Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stamford School Shake Up: SOS

I love controversy. I’ll talk more about my Toter can later, but right now I’m switching focus to the Stamford Public Schools. The Board of Ed. is considering a plan to majorly shake up SPS, including closing some schools, redistributing students, and mushing schools together. They cite aging buildings, declining student population, and a desire to have more students walk rather than use the bus. Yeah, that sounds safe. Stamford drivers are so careful and respectful of pedestrians.
Gossip: I wonder how much NCLB has to do with this. One of the schools that may be closed is Toquam, a magnet school with a diverse population. It was one of only four (yikes) SPS that met NCLB standards. That law requires schools to meet certain test scores, with stigma and sanctions if they don’t. Some of the mushing is probably designed to level out test scores.

SPS also cites lack of funds in the need to close schools. Um, maybe UBS can give us some cash? I hear their traders make millions, but they probably don’t live in Stamford- bye-bye, tax dollars.

It is a very complicated issue. You can learn more at the Toquam parents’ site.

Related Topic: Today’s Advocate has a fascinating article. Also affecting the SPS plan is the June ruling of the Supreme Court that states schools can’t use race as a factor in assigning students to schools. SPS will use non-racial factors like stats on free/reduced lunch stats, income-restricted housing, and English learners. Frankly, that sounds smart me to me.
One more comment: Stamford just cut the number of school crossing guards to save money; why are they proposing more children walk to school?

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