Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Vow Against Road Rage

I was driving around Stamford today: CVS, doctor, post office, gym. Driving often involves parking, which involves the give and take of waiting for other people. Today a truck tried to cut around me- directly into my path- as I was turning into a spot. It was a big, threatening, shiny new truck, white with silver chrome, and he was right on my heinie. He stopped abruptly, and I imagined he was probably PO'd, but all I felt was calm. I have taken a vow against road rage. I'm not going to do it anymore. I was a little stressed this spring and summer, and I was driving like a b*&$@. Recently life has calmed down a bit, and I have the time and positive mindset to be nice to people.

I know you can't be too nice, or people can't predict what you're going to do.
It's dangerous to drive too differently from those around you. But I'm going to let people go in front of me if it won't cause a pileup behind me.

MIND YOU: I am not going to let people blow through stop signs, like the girl in Greenwich who almost sideswiped me yesterday. I honked and cursed at her because she deserved it.
I will aggressively switch lanes, and I will turn left in front of oncoming traffic if I have time. I won't let someone cross in front of me to turn if cars are coming in the other direction, forcing my whole lane to wait. It's impolite to hold up others needlessly.

Careful at the hot spots: old people at a grocery store, Elm St. near Colony Pizza (those words make me salivate) and... well, you probably know of some more places. Oh- Rt.1 near the Dunkin Donuts on the west side of town. I once got rear-ended by someone who was waving to his friend, and yesterday a Miata sped out of DD right in front of me. Fortunately, I've learned to look out for lunatics on that stretch of road. I suggest you do the same. Most days someone will zip out between the park cars and/or try to pass you even though it's technically a (wide) one-lane road. But Stamford- I'm not saying I don't love you. Your unpredictability makes you fun; you're always a challenge, and I like that. When I'm old, maybe I'll prefer relaxed Rt. 1 in Darien. But for now, we're a pair. When I can afford a house in the area, we'll cement this union.

There is a lot of construction going on today; Hope St, and near the Starbucks on Summer... so you too might have the chance to be patient today. Best of luck to ya.

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I suggest we have a Stamford Talk get-together at Colony Grill in the near future. You could make it a regular feature -- getting together at a different place in Stamford each month or something!