Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Haitian Book Festival in Stamford

I'm excited about the Haitian Book Festival this Saturday, Oct 13. It's held from 12-6 at the South End branch of the Ferguson and includes music and refreshments. I had a little scuffle with the Ferg because in late September, the event wasn't on the October calendar. The calendar was there, as were the children's story hours, but no Book Festival! Evidently the system doesn't easily let them add events until the actual month. If you ask me, they need a new system. Cool events like this need all the publicity they can get.

I was a French major, so I'm psyched to hear French and Creole, and probably understand it. If not, I'll still enjoy the sound of another language flowing past my ears. It's such a nice change to not get every word. Exercise for the ear and mind. I'd invite you to go with me, but this is the kind of event you need to go to alone, so you'll have more motivation to speak the language. You don't want to have the crutch of clinging to another English speaker, or have that person cling to you.

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