Friday, October 19, 2007

Stamford Events Oct 19-23

Stamford!!! You have so much to offer this weekend and next week!
* Craft Fair and Tag sale by the Over 60 Club. Often boring-sounding things turn out to be the most interesting. 10-3, Senior Services Building, 945 Summer. Looks like it's right near the YMCA just south of Tiernan’s. 349-1228 or 324-6584. Today and Sat.
* Author Talk and Book Signing at the Ferg. How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill. 2pm, Free. Fairfield Weekly tells me it’s going to be a movie with Tom Hanks. Evidently the guy lost his job and his wife and… I’m not sure what Starbucks did for him after that.
* "Surf Nite," Jimmy's Seaside, 8:30 p.m. It’s not all surf music, thank goodness. Beach Boy-style music makes me want to throw up- I mean a literal feeling of nausea- as does the music of Jimmy Buffet and an a cappella group from my college- I can’t explain it. The FW mentions psychobilly and rockabilly (whatever that is), and a burlesque dancer performs between bands. 7 $ cover charge, I think. 964-9225.

* Kid Event: Harvest Festival at Stamford Museum and Nature Center.
* CT Grassroots for Obama '08 mobilization meeting at the Yerwood Community Center at 90 Fairfield Ave. He's having fundraising meetings in a private home, and his campaign doesn't have the Yerwood Center on the agenda, but some people are hoping he'll show up anyway...430-7, free.

* Jazz and Poetry Open Mike at Bradford’s.

* Movie “Who the #$% is Jackson Pollock?” at the Ferg, 12:10. I’ll check this out; I’m not sure who goes to movies at 12 except for retirees and unemployed, and maybe some moms, and, I suppose, the self-employed, like me. The Ferg’s summary: “A feisty 73-year-old crusades to have a $5 garage sale painting certified as an authentic Jackson Pollock.” Cool. 75 min.
* Documentary night at the Avon Theatre. 10 $ for non-members, but you get wine and cheese at 6:30! The movie looks really cool.

* Haunted House at Stamford Museum and Nature Center.
* Play: Rounding Third at Stamford Theatre Works. Sounds funny; it involves two little league coaches arguing. Tues-Sat 8pm, Sat 4, Sun 2. Goes until Nov 11.

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