Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stamford School Controversy Part 2

An article in yesterday's Advocate said Republican Board of Ed candidates oppose the current plan to redistrict Stamford's schools. That plan includes the closing of Toquam Magnet School, one of only four schools in Stamford to meet No Child Left Behind standards. That obviously looks like a bad idea, but an Advocate Letter to the Editor (scroll down) questions whether the BOE candidates have any better ideas for balancing the demographics (race, income, ESL students, test scores) of Stamford's schools. I learned a bit about the plan in researching my previous post on the topic. It’s a complicated issue, as is the redistricting plan. I like that the letter's author demands to know exactly where the BOE stands on some very important questions, both philosophical and logistical. See her letter for a list of damn good, controversial questions. If I had a kid in the school system, I’d be all over this issue.

The BOE meets tonight, 6:30 at Westhill High, and will discuss the plan. A huge crowd is expected. On Oct. 30, 7pm at Westhill High, there will be a meeting where residents can comment. Now that's gonna be interesting! Even if you have kids under age 5, you should go; the plan contains pretty drastic changes.

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