Thursday, October 25, 2007

Duo, Red Sox, Sake!

Last night in Stamford was a success for many, many people, including the Red Sox.
Me: Went to Duo with a friend. Our bill was only 87 $ with two beers, a glass of wine, 2 apps, 2 special rolls, and dessert! Holy Cow! I won't go into how fantastic all the food was, but I'll just tell you, I tried all new apps and entrees. 87 bucks?!? I checked the bill twice to make sure nothing was left off. That price, for a decadent, all-out meal in Stamford, is nothing short of a miracle. Duo’s full for Saturday (the place was mobbed last Saturday after the insanely positive review in the NY Times), so call your reservation in for Friday ASAP. Tip: If you foolishly didn't leave room for the chocolate dessert, try the green tea ice cream for $ 4.50.
My friend: Went to Bobby V's and watched the Red Sox beat the Rockies. He said it was a riotous good time, which is probably an understatement, considering that it was riotous this summer in a regular season RS/Yankees game. He said there wasn’t a bad view in the bar, as all screens had the game on, except for two with sumo wrestling (?). People were dressed up in RS regalia, and I quote, “It was $%$@ awesome.” SO, consider World Series games at Bobby V’s a DEFINITE option for a night out this week!

Note: This same friend went to Duo on Tuesday and thought it was great. He also wanted me to append a previous post about drinks last Thurs at Duo, saying, “You said it was a whole bottle- it was one of those small bottles, not one of the big ones. C'mon..." Well, I'm no sake connoisseur, but it was beer bottle-sized. That seems like a lotta sake to me!

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