Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mill River Park: Is it Mill River Park?

This Advocate article (this link will expire in two weeks) is about improving Mill River Park, which I'm all in favor of. It's a pretty park, but the one time I gave it a good look, the north end of the park near the Goodwill was occupied by men with bottles in brown bags (at noon). So, I'd hesitate to go there alone, especially as night approaches. However, I am now confused about where Mill River Park is.
I thought MR was the park with the ugly dam, just south of the Goodwill on Broad. But this article talked about lighting up the bridges over the river... there are no bridges at that park.

Then I thought, oh, maybe they mean the park that borders Wash Blvd, which has bridges over a river- but I think that's Scalzi park. I googled Mill River Park, and Google pointed me to a park, in the same place as Mill River, called Whittaker Park. The park with bridges over the river: Scalzi. So, ya got me. As usual, info in Stamford is patchy.

The park- uh, the one I call Mill River- really is lovely. The dam is ugly, but there are often ducks to feed. The south end, right on Tresser, has a great playground. It's on a busy road, but there is a fence. Still, I'd keep your eye on your kid.


Leadhyena Inrandomtan said...

Funny enough, I was part of a volunteer effort to build the pictured playground. It is a nice park, but it seems to be frequented by shady people. Also, the park crosses the river and extend almost all the way to Washington Blvd, so they might be talking about the section of the park on the other side of the river from the playground pictured. And IIRC there are a couple bridges that extend across the river.

Stamford Talk said...

That's so cool you volunteered- when was the park made?
What's IIRC stand for?
I wish there were a playground for adults... what would that consist of? A rock climbing wall? Not tennis courts... something you can play on by yourself. And the skate park is not an option for me.