Friday, October 12, 2007


I did spy on my garbage men, as promised. Dragging my Toter bin out to the curb this AM went OK, despite the fact that I was also dragging a stubborn coonhound. I will say, the bin is top-heavy, and mine was not even full, so I see why people are PO'd. I was crouched near a tree when the men picked up my bin. I waved at the driver, even though I was worried the man in the back would yell, "What the hell?" when he saw there was a trash can inside my trash can. (How would they compact my can? Wouldn't it make the truck get too full?) Fortunately, no one said anything. As they drove away, I scuttled closer to the road and snapped this pic from behind a bush.

The Advocate points out that the huge bins can be traded in for smaller ones, delivered for free, but only until Oct 31. After that you have go get the bin yourself at a mysterious location. There are only 1,000 little bins available, and 200 people are already on the list, so hurry up and call 977-4117. You can buy another big bin for 60 $ by calling 977-5620.

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