Sunday, October 28, 2007

Would You Like A Drug Deal with That?

Stamford, like I've said before, you are full of surprises. Friday's Stamford Advocate reports that a man got Tasered at the police station; he'd been arrested for "selling drugs out of his brother's bar, Cafe Moja, a place several informants said was a haven for drug dealers." Oh. That was the restaurant, listed as having West Indian and Southern food, that I was thinking of trying for lunch. I wasn't in a big hurry though, because I knew it wasn't in the nicest part of town. It's the intersection right before Crabshell, which is- I don't want to say sketchy, because that's insulting to the people who live there.

I've driven through that area hundreds of times; I lived off Southfield Ave, a quarter mile past Cafe Moja, for four years. I've observed that area a lot. The houses are rundown, 3 story, and many are divided into apartments or rooms. I once saw a man, hand on his forehead, beside his car, which he had somehow driven into a house. He had destroyed one side of the wooden steps, which he was now sitting on. I felt bad for that man. If you're driving your car into a house, something is probably not going well for you. Just past my old place are million (plus or minus) dollar houses in a gated community, right on the water. Stamford, you are so weird.

One more thing about not judging people who live in a "sketchy" area. When I drove through the Cafe Moja area at 7am, I saw people dressed nicely and men in paint-covered clothes with their lunch bag/cooler, headed for the train. When I saw that, I would always chastise myself for having a stereotype of that area. Not every one who lives in a rundown area is a criminal, and it's pretty elitist and ignorant to think so.

Note: I'd give you the link to the article, but for some reason it is not on the Advocate's website. The organization of their info continues to stymie me, and it's why I am forced to get the actual newspaper. Don't get me wrong, I love the Advocate. Their website just- OK I just checked the RSS feed and it's not there either. What the heck? This is why I started Stamford Talk! How are we supposed to get info in this town???

Hey- I think I still want to try that restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

I am a 3rd generation "Stamfordite" who lives in the "gated community" referenced in this post. While the author finds it strange to have expensive homes in close proximity to run down apartments, I find Waterside to be a remarkable community that celebrates the diversity and differences of its residents. People of different economic means, color, religion and races living their lives together. When I take my children to the playground on Southfield Avenue, I am always moved to see my son and daughter making choo choo trains down the slides with children who are different from them. My hope is that in living in this community, they will embrace people who are different throughout their life. Another example, is the Waterside Coalition. Representatives from all sections of the community work together to make improvements in the area. They do things such as plant flowers, organize clean up days and work with city officials to improve traffic issues. While the differences in this area of town might seem "weird" to some, they are part of what makes living in this section of town so exceptional.