Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Events Oct 12 and Scoop on SCA

I honestly could not find many interesting events happening in Stamford this weekend. I myself am attending the Ralph Stanley bluegrass concert at Stamford Center for the Arts (SCA) tonight, and the Haitian Book Festival on Saturday. I was going to complain about SCA being expensive, but my Ralph Stanley tix were only 36 $. Still, the Stamford Symphony Orchestra tix are 70 $ for good seats and 60 for OK seats… and they wonder why young people don’t like classical music?

Maybe I’m spoiled because in college the orchestra was basically free- 5, 10 $ ? And I know many of SSO’s musicians come from NYC, and they are professionals. I get that it’s their job, and they need to be paid. That’s why the well-to-do old people subscribe to the season. But what about the regular people who just want to hear beautiful music live and don’t want to pay 1/10 of their weekly salary?

SCA does have some cool shows. There’s Last Comic Standing in 2 weeks, and speaking engagements by Ira Glass and Dave Barry next spring. George Winston and the Irish Rovers also perform this spring. I’d get tix for all of these soon if I were you.

Photo of Ralph Stanley courtesy of John Edwards 2008 on Creative Commons.

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Sarah said...

I really, really, really need to see Ira Glass!