Monday, March 31, 2008

Non-Latinos Have Problems Too

I expected this Times article to reveal some juicy info. But no.
As Connecticut's largest minority group and the fastest-growing segment of the population here and nationwide, Latinos are an important barometer of the state. According to a comprehensive study... pessimism and concern permeate a population that sees itself as unable to afford the cost of living and are underrepresented in positions of power that lead to change... The biggest concerns among adults were taxes, health insurance, poor public education, and the cost of living.
You didn't need to interview Latinos to find that out. Except for the underrepresented part, they could be talking about me and many other non-Latinos in the FC.

I don't mean to be too flip; I know I don't have the serious problems the study addresses. The survey talks about a 50 percent drop-out rate among Latinos, whereas my concern is having a chance in Hades of buying a house in Stamford. I get that there's a difference, but nothing in this survey was surprising. In fact, everything I'm saying right now is so obvious that I doubt anyone will comment; there's nothing new to say about this!

I hope my post title is not offensive to anyone, but maybe I'll generate some controversy and get press like the guy from the blog I hate.


Anonymous said...

you hate his blog too? ha ha. i think he's going for controversy, which is great, but how can you hate Stuff White People Like? (oh, i guess that was your point...) still, in my opinion, being yourself gets you much farther than being a total blowhard, and that holds true on the internet too. (unless you're stephen colbert or me, in which case being a blowhard IS being yourself...)

Stamford Talk said...

I hate it!!! Why do you hate it?
I'm actually going to do one more post about why I hate it- to try to clarify it, really. I've been avoiding getting back into the subject because it makes me crazy.