Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Me, Duo, and the New York Times Critic

Yesterday I ran into a friend while walking at ridiculously pretty Tod's Point.
"I can't wait for dinner tomorrow!" I said; we set up a date last week.
"You better get reservations! The New York Times just reviewed it."
I raised my hand for a high five.

Yes! I am so happy about Duo's positive review in the Times! One, because I love the owners and staff, and this review is going to kick their profile up with the other top Stamford restaurants. Two, because I was proven right. I went to Duo the week it opened in early September, and I have been writing glowingly about it ever since. I posted yesterday morning's dessert review before I knew about the Times review. I'm not saying that reporter (I mean, famous food critic) stole my ideas, but aren't her words about the dessert awfully similar to mine? Disclaimer: kidding.

I also wrote about Duo twice on the nation's premier restaurant discussion board, Chowhound. I was the first to write about it, and I bet Patricia Brooks visits that board occasionally to make sure she's on trend. I don’t want to say I started the trend, but I hope I kinda pushed that trend-ball in motion.

I'm going to Duo tonight, and I am already pondering what to order based on the critic's suggestions. Damn, now I totally feel like a food critic too! It's just that Brooks happens to be a way, way, way better better writer than me, and probably has a way, way, way more impressive resume.

I must say, on a non-self-centered level, I am very happy to have seen the restaurant grow from a few customers on a weeknight, to packed on the weekend 4 weeks later, to pretty much the talk of the town. I like seeing nice people win.


Anonymous said...

Tried Duo last night for the first time with my husband. Food was simply divine. Tuna sushi was so fresh it literally melted in our mouth's. Until last night the freshest sushi we ever had was 8 years ago at the restaurant at the top of the ANA hotel in Sydney, Australia. Now it is clear that the prize goes to Duo, which, lucky for us, is right in our own Stamford. Only glitch in the night was the lack of attention we received from the wait staff. Took over a half an hour for anyone to come to our table to take a drink order and well over another half hour to receive our appetizer. However, after my husband very nicely asked our waitress to please keep an eye on us, she stepped up to the plate and was much more attentive after that. Also, must agree with the author that the chocolate dessert is sublime! Duo will certainly hold a place on my dining dance card for future outings.

Anonymous said...

hey what's this with cheating on Stamford again? Tod's point?

Stamford Talk said...

Aw, this was in my early Stamford Talk days. Now I hardly ever cheat, because I'm committed to my city!

(Plus I don't know many people who can sneak me in on their parents' extra beach passes...)